Thursday, July 17, 2014

140715 Team E's Two and Half Minutes Clip - Kimoto Kanon, Ichino Narumi English Subtitle

Hi guys!

So, in Team E (maybe S and KII too?) stage performance there's always this clip played before encore. It tells some kind of story that happens in the backstage. The stage performance on 15th of July had this clip played, starring Kimoto Kanon and Ichino Narumi. Kanon will teach Narumi how to be sexy!!

This time I worked as translator, and Darthbaker did the timing/typesetting/QC-ing. Lucky I found fellow Kanon admirer in UKN48.

Here's the subtitle of the clip! Brought to you by araishikeiwai and Darthbaker of UKN48.

Translator: araishikeiwai
Timer/Typesetter/QC: Darthbaker

I'm waiting for your feedbacks!

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