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[Mukaichi Mion] Miion's Sousenkyo Guide Book





Mion Mukaichi
AKB48 Team 4






The ex famous child actress that's chosen by Oshima Yuko for "Hebirote" center!

Before joining AKB48, she did wide range of activities, such as being child actress and acted as the daughter of the main character in the dorama "Unfair". The topic is about how she got noticed by similar ex child actress Oshima Yuko based on "good intuition", and then designated as the center of "Heavy Rotation" in Request Hour 2014.

Mukaichi Mion

Mion Mukaichi
AKB48 Team 4

16 years old
From Saitama Prefecture
Nickname: Miion
Last year position: (before joining)

I was nervous being center for the first time

"During my first year of middle school, I was interested in AKB. I was overwhelmed by the school drama-like atmosphere of "Oogoe Diamond" MV, then I began listening to their stage songs. I did furicopy* by myself, in about half a year I became a big fan in an instance (). I like "Majisuka Gakuen" very much, and I would like to do the challenge of doing the hard act of being a two-faced human, just like Mayuyu-san's (Watanabe Mayu) role as Nezumi.
Because ever since being child actress I've experienced miracle and been coerced to perform, when I was chosen to perform as center of "Heavy Rotation" anyhow I didn't make any mistake. However, because I was nervous my mouth became dry, I have almost no memory left about it (笑). In AKB stage, it's difficult and I'm still far from the image the fans have of me, and because many senpais are welcoming amazingly, I want to catch up with my effort even if it's just a little!"

*furicopy: an act of mimicking the dance

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